Title and subtitle: Translation, Interpreting and Culture: Old Dogmas, New Approaches

Editors: Martin Djovčoš and Emília Perez


Outline of the volume

The publication provides a selection of high-quality, cutting-edge contributions from the conference Translation, Interpreting and Culture: Old Dogmas, New Approaches (?), held in Nitra, Slovakia, in September 2018. The conference was attended by established speakers from all over Europe, the USA and Asia, and featured world-renowned keynote speakers Edwin Gentzler, Andrew Chesterman and Daniel Gile. The titular scope of the conference and this publication – the clash between old and new approaches to translation and interpreting – focuses on the theoretical, methodological, empirical as well as paradigmatic tensions and intersections between various traditions in translation and interpreting studies, not only from a generational but also geographical, sociocultural and political point of view, aiming to foster communication among them and reveal synergies between the latest research trends and pre-existing methodologies and approaches. The concept of confronting the “old” and the “new” has been a recurrent one in the TS discipline, however not much attention has been paid to it in interpreting studies or translation and interpreting studies as a joint discipline. The editors of the publication also believe in the value of the aforementioned theme with regards to the dynamic growth of the discipline and the need to address the requirements of changing societies and to overcome the principal barriers between practice and research in the field.

The volume is a thematic one, therefore the concepts of historicising, contextualising and/or recontextualising in translation and interpreting studies shall remain central. We welcome proposals on topics from the field of translation and interpreting relating to promising lines of research focusing on:


  • Identity and hybridity of translators, translations and translation studies
  • Translation and interpretation of texts that transcend genre, text type and media borders
  • Translation and interpreting in changing contexts / changing contexts translated and interpreted
  • Translation and interpreting theory, history and criticism: geographical, sociocultural and political potential and limitations
  • Paradigmatic tensions in translation and interpreting studies



Submission of proposals: 28 November 2019

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The proposals should be submitted in English, ideally checked by a native speaker when necessary. Recommended extent of proposals is 400-500 words, including bibliographical references. All proposals will be subject to double-blind peer review and you will receive notification of your proposal acceptance shortly after the review process, by 14 December 2019 at the latest. Estimated date of publication is June 2020.