Nitra is easily accessible when flying to the Slovak capital Bratislava or to nearby airports in Vienna (Austria) or Budapest (Hungary). For more information on how to get to Nitra afterwards please see below:



From Budapest Ferenz Liszt International Airport (known as Ferihegy), there are several options in getting to Nitra. If you prefer travelling by train, then you have to get to Budapest Keleti Train Station (Budapest Keleti pályaudvar). A combination of bus and metro is needed to get from the airport to Keleti and using them is recommended as a cheaper alternative to a taxi. At Keleti you will get the train to Nové Zámky, Slovakia, where you need to change onto the train to Nitra. This journey should take approximately three hours.


If travelling by bus, you have to get to Budapest Népliget Bus Station (Budapest Népliget aut. áll.), again by combining both bus and metro (which takes up to one hour). At the bus station, you get on a bus to Bratislava and from there you continue by another bus to Nitra. This takes a little longer - around four hours.


Whether you choose one option or another, ample information about tickets, bus/train stops and timetables is available on the Internet (e. g.: The English version of the webpage will provide you with all the information concerning your journey (times of departure, platforms, stops, direction of bus/train, and perhaps price).




When travelling from Vienna, a bus leaves directly from Vienna International Airport, but it is necessary to change in Bratislava at the Main Bus Station (Mlynské Nivy). Information about the line that suits you most is available on the aforementioned page:


The same applies when you need to travel from Bratislava. In this case we recommend that you take a bus, not a train.


In case of any questions regarding either getting to Nitra or getting around the city, feel free to ask the organisers of the conference. Have a safe journey!